đŸ¤ŧCommunity and Pitch Pillar

Pitch, game, and build with us and view my dog on camera I promise

It's nothing new to hear that community is everything in Web3, we've been saying that for years and put our time and money where our mouth is. Members of our Mint Pass community will be able to participate in the Holder Track of the Community Battle Pass. In addition, Holders will receive a free NFT pass to the Doxxed Podcast unlocking exclusive interviews and post-show episodes. Holders are also able to jump to the front of the line and pitch Aaron and Tim on the 2v2 Us Pitch Show for free where they will pitch for a chance to have Unnamed help bring their product or vision to life! In addition, there will be behind-the-scenes calls, posts, and other alpha about our games, partner projects, and more.

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