📕Centry Document Claim

Free mint, then you merge, and you win!

Redemption Levels

The Centry Document claim is tied to the Unnamed.gg Discord. Each claim window allows up to three (3) documents to be claimed depending on level. Here is the level breakdown tied to Discord roles:

  • 1 Document Request/Claim: Verified

  • 2 Document Requests/Claims: NPC and Healer

  • 3 Document Requests: Tank, Mage, Hero, and Legend

How it Works

  1. Approve the Discord connection

    1. Make sure you are in the Unnamed.gg Discord and have at least obtained the Verified Role!

  2. Confirm the transaction in Metamask and you've got em! You can view your files in the files/requests section of the Portal or on Opensea, etc. They work and are clickable right on Opensea!

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