📈Community Battle Pass

Gamifying engagement and growth

Community Battle Pass

As our community grows and evolves, we want everyone to share in the journey. So...

We have created an innovative system inspired by the battle pass mechanics seen in Fortnite, Call of Duty, and other games we love.

As Unnamed.gg and our community hit milestones, all of our verified community members will unlock access to giveaways, raffles, and benefits together.


The Community Battle Pass runs on a seasonal cycle and will be updated every time a Season ends. As we achieve growth, development, and engagement milestones we will level up during a Season! We always hope to max out each Season, but occasionally a Season may end before we can collectively unlock everything.


There are also two tracks on the Community Battle Pass: Community and Holders

Community Track

  • Every verified member of our Discord community is eligible to participate in the Community Track for free. Just show up and be present. Your community role will determine which tiers you can participate in so check you roles and stay active.

Holder Track

  • Verified holders of the upcoming Unnamed MintPass NFT will be eligible for the Holder Track. This is like the premium version of the Community Battle Pass. There will be premium giveaways, improved giveaway odds, and bigger rewards, and the Holder track ignores role requirements. Holders can also participate in the Community track, so...double bonus!

Goals and milestones will be shared and celebrated in our Discord server and on our socials.

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