Crew Bios

Tom DeCicco

In addition to being the main man in terms of the community, Tom is also the head of the Quarter Machine community. Tom won his role by defeating the other 13 contenders in a battle to the KO. There was no visible blood but there was some animated violence so the whole affair received a rating of “T for Teen.” He specializes in Community management, content creation, and spends his free time being a tech nerd.

Billy May | HODLmonster

Billy is a content creator, cinematographer, Web3 degen, Twitter Spaces aficionado, Power of Video Co-Founder, Dad, and all-around awesome fella. He'll be working with us to grow our channels, deliver alpha, host events, collaborate, and more.

Cali Sue

Cali Sue has years of experience in the Web3 space and has been instrumental in growing many amazing Communities, including Goblintown, TOSHIES, and the Mighty Labs DAO. She's also a fantastic Twitter Space Host and contributor!

Technical Team

The Unnamed technical team has been with us since the beginning. We have incredible front-end and back-end developers, game developers, blockchain engineers, and one of the best UI/UX designers/product owner out there.

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