Cloutchain video is a well-named video

Cofounded by Tim and Aaron, Cloutchain is a suite of powerful social and engagement tools for creators, musicians, and brands.

Whether you are looking to track and reward engagement across multiple apps, gamify digital and physical products, or launch a utility-packed digital collectible, Cloutchain has you covered.

We made NFTs before people heard about NFTs, we did Soulbound before it was called "Soulbound," we did token gating and ticketing in Web3 before it was cool, and we've quietly minted thousands of NFTs on Polygon for folks like: Tate Logan, Alicia Vigil, Kemper Snowboards, Prjct x Jhene Aiko, G&S Surf and Skate, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Britian Covey, and more...

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