👑Community Roles

Discord status has its perks

What are Community Roles

As members of our community engage with us, they gain XP and level up.

A community members' level grants them access to community perks and some levels are required to fully unlock the Community Battle Pass.

The current community roles are:

  • @Verified ✅: You are in the Discord, we appreciate it!

  • @NPC 🤖: As a Non-Player Character, you provide some good occasional dialogue for the heroes and crew (add winking emoji).

  • @HEALER â™Ĩ: As a Healer, your heightened activity keeps our community healthy and buffs our vitality.

  • @TANK đŸ’Ē: As a Tank, you have shown that your presence is reliable and you can be that rock we need to crush this campaign.

  • @MAGE 🧙‍♂ī¸: As a Mage, you have proven so active and present that surely you must be using some kind of magic or spell to have pulled this off.

  • @HERO ⚔: Heroes are few and far between, truly heroic efforts have their rewards.

  • @LEGEND 👑: Fabled members old and new, they usually have a story to go with their personalities.

Why Does This Matter?

Leveling up has advantages. The Community Track of the Battle Pass requires a minimum Community Role for certain unlockable rewards. Plus, we've got long-term plans to make sure that our community grows with us and that the most active members are rewarded so... Level up!

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